We are happy to greet you on behalf of Organizational Committee of Eurasian Forum of Accountants and Auditors and invite you to VII Eurasian Forum of Accountants and Auditors 2021, to be held on October 15-17, 2021 in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. The forum will be held by organizational support of the Ministry of Finance of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Association of Professional Financial Managers of Azerbaijan (APFM). The topic of the forum is “FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: FUTURE VISION”

The main purpose of the forum is to conduct professional discussions in the field of dynamic development of globalized world economy, effective use of financial resources, increasing transparency and accountability in the management system and in the social-economic life as a whole, to analyze existing problems, to clarify the activities of relevant institutional mechanisms, taking into account international experience, and to obtain real results on enlightenment and international cooperation.

The forum will discuss the development issues and prospects of accounting in different countries, the application of IFRS, digital transformation, the role of digital technologies and the digital economy, as well as financial risks.

Your participation in this Forum will be highly appreciated and will contribute to the development of international cooperation, to improvement of financial, accounting and auditing system.

Taking the importance of this event for international community, we invite you to take a part in the Conference.
Hereby we attached preliminary program for your attention: Eurasian Forum 2021.pdf

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For registration: Association of Professional Financial Managers of Azerbaijan (APFM)
119 "C" Y.V.Cahamanzaminli str., "Afen Plaza", 3rd floor
Tel.: (994 12) 564 22 37/57 Mob: +994 50 205 06 99
Narmin Mammadbaghirova: [email protected]

Welcome to VII Eurasian Forum of Accountants and Auditors 2021!
Organizational Committee

15 oktyabr 2021