Diploma in Professional Financial Manager

This qualification is presented by the Institute of Certified Financial Managers (ICFM), established by the largest accounting organization of the world, the ICB Global (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) and Institute of Commerce. The representative of the British Royal Family – Excellency Prince Michael Kent – has been announced the patron of the ICFM. ICFM qualifications are almost presented in all developed countries (95 countries); the Head office is in London.
The programs that have been prepared by the specialists of the Institute meet not only the high standards and requirements of business today but also the next day.
ICFM is officially recognized by the Treasury of Great Britain, it has official permit to use the emblem of Heraldic Royal House. The chairmen of the ICFM are the Councilor of Parliament Group for small and medium business. ICFM programs have been included in the official state examinations list in many countries of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Philippine.
The number of specialists that were awarded diplomas reaches to 3000 persons every year.
The ICFM qualifications continue to be recognized by national state authorities.
The trainings and examinations of ICFM on the program of “Professional Financial Manager” are also held in Azerbaijan. The program covers the 3 Modules:

Module 1: International Financial Reporting Standards
Module 2: Financial Management
Module 3: Internal Audit

After having completed each module and having successfully passed the examinations, the student is awarded with the diploma for each module and after having finished the whole course the student is awarded with the diploma of Professional Financial Manager.

Teaching process: (for 1 Module)

Duration: 3 months, 13 seminars (each 3 hours, total 39 hours)

Conduction of control works

Written examination lasting 3 hours

Teaching and examination language: Azerbaijan, Russian, English

Graduation document: Diploma for each Module

For whole program: Diploma in Professional Financial Manager