February 15-16, 2017
On February 15-16, 2017, exams on IAB Level 3 (F3), ICFM-IFRS, Financial Management, Internal Audit and the ICM-HR Management program were held in the official training center of APFM (Infosystem-LINK).

It should be noted that as a result of successful cooperation between APFM and the institutes of Great Britain, which date back to 2005, hundreds of specialists have received a high quality education and started their professional careers. The main features of the educational process held in Infosystem-LINK are students' business vision reflected in a mutual system of relationships, and the fact that students develop their analytical skills and abilities to make non-standard decisions upon completing education. In addition, Infosystem-LINK successfully applies specific technologies that create the opportunity for further integration and application of the acquired knowledge in practice.

Skills received during the educational process open up infinite opportunities for graduates of the center. And in truth, this is a good push both from the point of view of professionalism and career growth.

The Center also offers trainings on various business programs (human resources management, marketing and sales management, business management, customer care, PR management, effective negotiations, journalism and media, tourism marketing, tourism management, tourism services, etc.)

within the framework of cooperation with the Institute of Commercial Management of Great Britain (ICM). Via these trainings, young specialists can get ICM certification (Single Subject Diploma) without even leaving the country - for which it is necessary to pass a 3-12-month course presented by foreign trainers and successfully pass the final exam with a duration of 3 hours.

It should be noted that ICM was founded in 1979 and is an international certification center that unites students and listeners from more than 130 countries. ICM certification is recognized by the ministries of education and public institutions of many countries. Certificates and diplomas of this organization wield an international status. The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), which specializes in training in the fields of commerce and business development, is also a research institute and a world-wide awarding committee. This Institute is an accredited member of the United Kingdom's Award Bodies, and offers a wide range of educational programs. These programs are aimed at meeting the needs for self-development and training for those who wish to enter the commercial sector, as well as to facilitate the further process of job search and ensure continued development for specialists engaged in the aforementioned domain.