Supervisory Board
Ziyad Samadzada - Member of APFM Advisory Board, Academic
Chairman of Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship Committee in National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic , Chairman of Economists Union, Vice-president of International Economist Union

I consider the activity of the APFM as expedient and encourage it. APFM cooperates with financial associations on training audit, accounting and management. These areas are very topical areas of the economy in the modern period. If we take into account the fact that our country integrates with the world, in this case, of course, we have to place the development of human resources potential to meets modern requirements in the forefront. In this context, cooperation in the banking sector, insurance would be also appropriate. Once again I extend my sincere congratulations to your team. I would wish that exchange of opinions, interviews on more global issues, on events, changes, development trends which occur in the world economy and reasons causing them, and other similar issues are covered in your journal. Let the prospective capabilities of our national economy and, in general, national interest be reflected in your articles.
I am glad to cooperate, have an exchange of opinion with you. I believe that Finansist will get sympathy of a wide audience and will be long-lived. I wish you success in this honorable path.

Sahir Mammadkhanov - Member of APFM Advisory Board
Deputy Minister of Taxes, 3rd rank state tax service adviser

I think that the Association of Professional Financial Managers is engaged in a very important activity according to economic requirements of the present day. As teaching accountancy, audit and management is of great importance for each country which gives priority to modern market relations in management. In this context, cooperation with international financial associations, exchange of opinion and formation of professional human resources potential in the above mentioned field may only be highly assessed.
The journal Finansist, skillfully created by APFM, has in a short period of time attracted attention of professionals who display a close interest in the economy of the country. Results of research on topical issues in such spheres as macroeconomics, microeconomics, monetary policy, finance and banking sector, development economics, social sector and most recent methodological knowledge are published here. It is particularly important that this journal is playing a significant role in the growth of economic knowledge of citizens.
I wish success and progress in your purposeful activities for the sake of development of our independent Azerbaijan.

Vahid Novruzov - Member of Advisory Council of APFM
Chairman of Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan Republic

On behalf of all Azerbaijan auditors I have a great pleasure to congratulate the 10-year anniversary of Association of Professional Financial Managers of Azerbaijan.
During this period APFM has actually done a lot. Among the works carried out, I would emphasize in the first place and particularly the training of personnel on management, financial accounting, internal audit and other important specialties during transition to IFRS in Azerbaijan. "Finansit" gained a very important position in our country among other financial magazines, published in economic sector.
It is a very important that APFM is the representative of British Institute of Certified Financial Managers and this international cooperation made it possibe to allow the Assosiation to be recognised in international arena within a short period of time. As a a shining example, APFM is organising 5th Eurasian, anniversary forum of Accountants and Auditors in Azerbaijan
For us it is very important that the Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan signed an agreement on cooperation with the APFM and carry out joint events togerther, we always witness the high-level organizational abilities of Association.

Suleyman Gasimov - Chairman of APFM Advisory Board, Doctor of Economics, professor
Vice-president of SOCAR

Activity of such professional organizations as APFM in our republic plays an important role in the development and continuous improvement of certified highly qualified specialists, as well as solution of contemporary scientific, technological and innovation issues, provides financial specialists with necessary knowledge and abilities for keeping qualitative accounting according to the international standards.
I would especially note the activity of APFM as a professional organizer of international conferences. Such important events should be highly appreciated from the viewpoint of representing Azerbaijan with a wide delegation, meetings of participants with members of delegations of other countries, exchange of experience and, finally, familiarization with innovations taking place in the field of economy, finance, accounting and audit.
Moving with the times, being aware of events occurring in the field of economy is important, but obtaining timely and correct comments on those events is more important. I am sure that majority of executive officials attach more value to the fact that comprehensive and reliable information is published in a journal they read. I wish the "Finansist” journal to strengthen its stance as a progressive, credible and leading business publication.
I wish progress and prosperity to the Association of Professional Finance Managers in its future activity related to preparation of professionals in the field of finance.

Ilgar Valiyev - Member of Advisory Council of APFM
Head of Azerbaijan Representative of "Ernst & Young Holdings,Bi.Vi.”, President of AMCHAM Azerbaijan

I would like to thank the founders of APFM for the establishment of the Association. It is an honor for me to participate in this process. As a member of the Supervisory Board of the Association I’d like to say that quite a lot of discussions have been held about the activity of this organization since the first day of its establishment and at the moment I am glad to see the achievements it has made. I would especially like to express my opinion about the "Finansist” journal issued by the Association. I am confident that the journal will attract a wide audience and serve as a tutorial for specialists. The journal has been professionally complied and is versatile in subjects.
As to privileges, APFM is not a commercial organization, it was founded for professional financial managers and being a member of the Association is a privilege itself, for me personally, the top privilege is appearance of common thoughts between professionals, opportunity of communication and exchange of experience.