“FINANSIST”– being Magazine of financial information, turned into the handbook of numerous experts in the field of scientific and practical resources of finance, accounting and audit. It is very important and useful from the point of view of leaning modern, progressive international experience, acquisition of new data and its daily application.

“FINANSIST”- had a great impact on the community, becoming a media partner a number of social and cultural events and introduced new headings to readers. Professionals of foreign countries are also involved in the magazine activity, here; there are many interesting and useful topics, prepared by financial specialists of abroad in English and Russian languages.

In addition to highlighting the importance of financial matters there are also sections dedicated to the teaching of the subjects such as IAS, IFRS, ISA, Financial Management, etc. , which is very important in the development of local specialists. It should be emphasized that "Financial World" section of the magazine is published in English language and dedicated to the fields of finance and economics of the world countries. Here you will meet articles of financial specialists of different countries. Magazine's target audience is: managers, working in the field of economics, finance, financial managers, accountants, auditors and other businessmen.

FINANSIST aims to continue its activities in this direction, to attract a wider audience with new exciting headings, to arrange exclusive interviews with well-known experts, as well as to study foreign experience and delivery, expand the exchange of information and introduce Azerbaijan to the world.